Snapdragon x elite laptops price, performance, specification and features full review 2024

Snapdragon x elite laptops: Leaked images have revealed Dell’s upcoming Snapdragon X Elite laptops. These devices include the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus and a new Dell XPS 13 Plus model. Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Dell Inspiron 14 Plus:
    • This laptop features a Snapdragon X Elite processor.
    • It maintains a high-end design and has different ports compared to its Intel variant. The leaked images show two USB-C ports, one USB Type-A, and a microSD card slot, but no HDMI port.
    • The Snapdragon X Elite version was spotted in Geekbench benchmark results, confirming its existence.
  2. Dell XPS 13 Plus (New Model):
    • Images of a new XPS 13-inch laptop have surfaced, which looks similar to the existing model.
    • It’s unclear what’s new about this version, but it could potentially feature a Snapdragon X Elite or Intel Core Ultra chip.

These Snapdragon X Elite laptops are part of the first wave of AI PCs powered by Qualcomm’s latest SoC. Other manufacturers like Microsoft, Asus, and Lenovo are also expected to reveal similar devices soon. Exciting times for laptop enthusiasts!

Let’s dive deeper into the exciting world of Snapdragon X Elite laptops. These devices are poised to revolutionize the laptop market by combining Qualcomm’s powerful SoC with sleek designs and impressive features. As more manufacturers join the AI PC trend, we can expect a wave of innovation that will redefine how we use our laptops. Stay tuned for further updates! 

How does the performance of these processors compare to traditional Intel or AMD chips?

The Snapdragon X Elite processor outperforms both Intel and AMD flagship mobile CPUs in various benchmarks. Here are the key highlights:

  1. Geekbench Scores:
    • Single-core test: Snapdragon X Elite scored 2,427 points.
    • Multi-core test: Snapdragon X Elite scored 14,254 points.
  2. Comparison with Other Chips:
    • Configuration A (high-performance laptop) demonstrated significant leads over:
      • Core i7-13800H: 98% higher frame rates in Aztec Ruins.
      • Ryzen 9 7940HS: 151% higher frame rates in Aztec Ruins.
      • Apple M2: 19% higher frame rates in Aztec Ruins.
    • Configuration B (thin-and-light laptop) is tied with the Apple M2.

In summary, the Snapdragon X Elite offers competitive single-core performance and even better multi-core performance compared to Intel and AMD chips. Exciting times for laptop enthusiasts!

snapdragon x elite laptops price:

As of now, specific pricing details for the Snapdragon X Elite laptops have not been officially announced. However, once these devices are officially launched, you can expect them to fall within a competitive price range similar to other high-end ultrabooks and premium laptops. Keep an eye out for official announcements from Dell or other manufacturers for precise pricing information! 

What are the expected release dates for these laptops?

The first Snapdragon X Elite laptops are set to launch in mid-2024. Specifically, they are expected to ship on June 18. Here’s a breakdown of some of the laptops announced with Snapdragon X Elite or Plus, along with their release windows and starting prices:

  1. Shipping on June 18:
    • Asus Vivobook S 15: Starting at $1,299.
    • Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge: Starting at $1,349.
    • Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x: Starting at $1,199.
    • Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 6: Starting at $1,699.
    • HP Omnibook X AI PC: Starting at $1,149.
    • HP EliteBook Ultra G1q AI PC: Starting at $1,699.
  2. Shipping in July:
    • Dell XPS 13: Starting at $1,299.
    • Dell Inspiron 14 Plus: Starting at $1,099.
    • Acer Swift 14 AI: Starting at $1,099.
  3. Coming later in 2024:
    • Dell Inspiron 14.
    • Dell Latitude 7455.
    • Dell Latitude 5455.

More “Copilot+ PCs” are likely to arrive in the future, including some powered by Intel and AMD chips. Exciting times for laptop enthusiasts!

What are the key features of these Snapdragon X Elite laptops?

The Snapdragon X Elite processor brings a host of exciting features to laptops. Let’s dive into the details:

  1. Game-Changing Performance and Efficiency:
    • Built on a 4nm System-on-a-Chip architecture, the Snapdragon X Elite boasts a 12-core Qualcomm Oryon™ CPU.
    • Dual-Core Boost ensures incredibly fast responsiveness, making multitasking smooth across productivity, creativity, and entertainment tasks.
    • The integrated Qualcomm® Adreno™ GPU delivers stunning graphics for immersive experiences.
    • All this performance comes with low power consumption, allowing for multi-day battery life on a single charge.
  2. AI Capabilities:
    • The industry-leading Qualcomm® AI Engine includes an integrated Qualcomm® Hexagon™ NPU.
    • It runs generative AI models with over 13 billion parameters on-device at blazing-fast speeds.
    • The ultra-low power Qualcomm® Sensing Hub enhances security, login experience, and privacy, even waking the device from sleep mode.
    • Sensitive data stays on your laptop for increased security with intelligence at the edge.
  3. Seamless Connectivity and Experiences:
    • Enjoy lightning-fast 5G and Wi-Fi 7 with HBS Multi-Link for seamless cloud connectivity.
    • Switch between devices effortlessly using Snapdragon Seamless™.
    • High-fidelity music and entertainment are possible with Snapdragon Sound™ Technology Suite.
  4. Intelligent Security Features:
    • Protect your PC from chip to cloud with features like the Qualcomm® Secure Processing Unit running Microsoft Pluton TPM.
    • Total memory encryption and Microsoft Secured-core PC support enhance security.

In summary, the Snapdragon X Elite offers exceptional performance, AI capabilities, seamless connectivity, and robust security features. Exciting times for laptop enthusiasts!

What kind of software optimizations are available for Snapdragon X Elite chips?

The Snapdragon X Elite chipset benefits from ongoing software optimizations, enhancing its performance and compatibility. Here are some key points:

  1. Native Software Development:
    • Unlike previous Snapdragon chips, the X Elite enjoys growing support for native apps. Google Chrome, for instance, now runs natively, providing a smoother experience.
  • BlackMagic Design collaborates with Qualcomm to optimize software like DaVinci Resolve for the Snapdragon X Elite.
  1. Emulation Challenges:
    • While native apps perform well, some x86-only apps still rely on emulation.
    • Ongoing efforts aim to improve emulation performance, ensuring more apps “just work” without extra optimizations.
  2. Linux Support:
    • Qualcomm actively upstreams Linux kernel support for the Snapdragon X Elite.
    • Future optimizations include CPU/GPU performance, power efficiency, and end-to-end hardware video decoding for browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

In summary, the Snapdragon X Elite’s bright future lies in native software adoption and ongoing improvements in emulation. Exciting times for Arm PCs!

What about gaming performance on this chipset?

The Snapdragon X Elite chipset delivers impressive gaming performance, making it a strong contender for gaming enthusiasts. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Geekbench Scores:
    • In Geekbench 6.2, both Snapdragon X Elite reference designs outperformed the competition.
    • Single-core score: The Snapdragon X Elite leads, even when compared to upcoming Apple M3 and Intel Meteor Lake launches.
    • Multi-core performance: The Snapdragon X Elite excels, showcasing its power with scores of 1,110 and 1,228.
  2. Integrated Graphics:
    • The Snapdragon X Elite features an integrated Qualcomm Adreno GPU.
    • While it may not match dedicated gaming GPUs, it still delivers solid performance.
    • Expect around 30 FPS on high-end gaming titles, which is impressive for an integrated graphics solution.
  3. Perfectly Playable:
    • Recent videos show the Snapdragon X Elite running games like “Baldur’s Gate 3” smoothly.
    • While not at enthusiast levels, it’s perfectly playable and enjoyable for casual gaming.

In summary, the Snapdragon X Elite strikes a balance between performance and efficiency, making it a great choice for gaming on ultrabooks!  (Viral Barta)


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