all we imagine as light payal kapadia: After three decades, an Indian film enters the Cannes competition lineup with Payal Kapadia’s ‘All We Imagine as Light’.

“All We Imagine as Light” is an upcoming film directed by Payal Kapadia, set to premiere at the 77th Cannes Film Festival in May 2024. The film is a co-production between India and France and tells the story of two nurses, Prabha and Anu, living in Mumbai. Both characters are troubled by their relationships, and they embark on a road trip to a beach town where a mystical forest becomes a space for their dreams to manifest.

This film is notable for being the first Indian film to compete at the Cannes Film Festival in 30 years, a significant milestone since Shaji N. Karun’s “Swaham” in 1994. The selection of “All We Imagine as Light” for the Palme d’Or competition is a moment of pride for Indian cinema, showcasing the global recognition of the country’s filmmaking talent.

Here’s a poetic snippet inspired by the film “All We Imagine as Light”

Dreams Unfurl:

In the heart of Mumbai’s bustling streets, Two nurses, Prabha and Anu, find their beats. Troubled by love’s intricate dance, They seek solace in a mystical trance.

A road trip unfolds, destiny’s thread, To a beach town where secrets are spread. A forest whispers, ancient and wise, As moonlight weaves dreams ‘neath starlit skies.

Prabha’s longing, Anu’s silent plea, In shadows and moonbeams, they both see. Their hearts, like lanterns, flicker and sway, All we imagine as light, they convey.

So let the waves carry their whispered desires, As the film unfolds, stoking love’s fires. In Cannes’ spotlight, their tale takes flight, “All We Imagine as Light” shines bright.

As the silver screen flickers to life, In the quiet of the theater, anticipation is rife. “All We Imagine as Light,” a tale so bold, A story of dreams and desires untold.

**An Ode to Dreams and Light**

In the city of dreams, where stories are born,
Two souls wander, through the night till morn.
Prabha and Anu, with hearts so bright,
Seeking a beacon, their guiding light.

Through the streets of Mumbai, they roam,
Searching for answers, far from home.
To a beach town, they find their way,
Where the forest's magic begins to sway.

The trees, they whisper of love and loss,
Of the heavy burdens, we must toss.
In the mystical woods, they find their key,
Unlocking dreams, setting their spirits free.

For in the darkness, there's always a spark,
A sliver of hope, in the looming dark.
"All We Imagine as Light," the film's refrain,
Reminds us that love will always remain.

So let's raise our voices, let's give applause,
For a film that breaks all societal laws.
In Cannes, it stands, proud and bright,
A testament to dreams, "All We Imagine as Light."

This film, a canvas of emotions and hues, Brings to light the struggles that women choose. In the dance of light and shadow, they find, The strength to leave their fears behind.

As the credits roll, and the audience stands, The story of Prabha and Anu expands. Beyond the screen, into our hearts, “All We Imagine as Light” is art.

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